All prospective Wranglers must complete a semester long program called the “Maverick Program”. We seek young men who display leadership, a commitment to service, scholarship, athletic ability, and the willingness to accept a challenge.

As a Maverick, you will be given weekly responsibilities which you are expected to complete both individually and as a class. These responsibilities include weekly meetings, community service, study hours, getting to know the individuals of the organization one-on-one, and a rigorous workout program designed to strengthen your mind and body. The Maverick Program is difficult to complete but extremely rewarding.

While the program is both physically and mentally taxing, rest assured that every individual is treated with the utmost respect. Mavericks will never be asked to do anything humiliating, degrading, or harmful to themselves or others. We take pride in our actions and expect Mavericks to do the same. Our 30 year history shows that Maverick classes stick together. Upon completion of the Maverick semester you and your fellow Maverick brothers will share a bond for life. These men and the rest of the Wrangler body will be there to support you in the toughest of times and celebrate with you in the best of times. It truly is an experience unlike any other.

Mavericks is more than a club or a resume builder. Mavericks requires grit and determination, but if you’re willing to accept the challenge, you’ll be satisfied in more ways than you ever thought possible.


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We host events called "Smokers" each semester that offer recruits an opportunity to connect with the actives. The smokers will take place at the following time and place:

Spring '18 Recruitment Dates not available at this time

Smoker #1: TBD

Smoker #2: TBD

Smoker #3: TBD

Applications Due: TBD

                  SPRING 2018 RECRUITMENT TEAM

Head Recruitment Chair: Noah Lisk

Assistant Recruitment Chair: Paul Hamel

Assistant Recruitment Chair: James Robertson






S17: Fight Against Harvey

After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, the Spring 2017 Maverick Class immediately traveled down there to assist with cleanup and rescue efforts. In addition to several days of constant work, they also managed to raise several thousand dollars to aid the victims that they had the privilege to help. 


F16: maverick 3v3 basketball tournament

The Fall 2016 Maverick class rallied behind early childhood education as their overarching cause for their biannual service project. Partnering with Foundation Communities, a non-profit that offers low-income housing to families right out of homelessness, the Maverick class pledged to raise funds and awareness for the educational facilities for these underprivileged children.

To do so, they put on a university-wide 3-on-3 basketball tournament with a cash prize, raffle items, and a cookout. All proceeds were directly given to a Foundation Communities learning center, which was refurbished and improved as a result. Students from all over campus participated, resulting in a large scale day of fun and appreciation for the powerful cause.


S16: maverick memorial marathon

Spring 16 united around the story of one of their brothers, Luke LaPray, who passed away after a long battle with Cancer.

The Maverick Marathon was a 200 mile chain marathon run that started in Dallas, ended in Austin, and had at least one person running at all times. Before the last 5k, members met up with friends and family to rally together across the finish line.

This class shattered their goal of $5k by raising over $12k for St. Baldrick's Foundation, an organization dedicated to defeating childhood cancer.




F15: Two Step Throwdown

Fall 15 aimed to raise money for the Mona Foundation, which aims to promote universal education and gender equality.

They did so by organizing the first Two Step Throwdown, featuring Luke Pell. Over 500 students attended, and they raised over $18,000.